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  • The Lamara Pre School

    We make Kids education
    easier & fun

  • We make Kids education
    easier & fun

  • We make Kids education
    easier & fun

  • We make Kids education
    easier & fun

A Friendly school having proud of their students

Welcome to our Website

We welcome you to our website and hope to provide reassuring information, confidence and comfort in choosing a pre school for your child!

With flexible timings, very reasonable fee structure, transport facility and a proven reputation and track record, Lamara Pre School is your first choice when you’re looking for the best pre school facility for your child. Lamara Pre School embraces the opportunity and privilege to be working with your child and with you, the parents. A sound pre school experience is an investment in the positive development of your child. You can be confident "Lamara Pre School" is getting the best education available in the hands of our experienced and qualified teachers!

Lamara Pre School provides care and early education for children from age 3 to 6 years.

Our Vision

Lamara Pre School's goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to impacting a synergy of skills, knowledge, and values in our children to lend them their inner voice for the 21st century. Lamara Pre School has impacted a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric.

Our Mission

Lamara Pre Shool is committed to the teaching philosophy with a belief that the most important time in a person's development is between 3 to 6 years. Within a carefully prepared and intriguing environment and through the guidance of a loving and well-trained teacher, children are introduced to the joy of learning and move through with confidence.


Lamara believes children are born eager and ready to learn! As educators, it is our responsibility to foster that learning by providing children with the opportunities that will allow them to create their own meanings to the world around them. We understand that it is not only important for children to develop the basic skills that will be the foundation for future learning.

Lamara Goals for Children:

At Lamara Preschool the goals for children in our program are for them to:

  • Be active and engaged learners.
  • Feel safe & secure when parents leave
  • Develop positive relationships, self-confidence and independence.
  • Appreciate cultural diversity.
  • Have fun while learning!

Happy Children , Happy Parents

We give our children a learning environment & contribute to their success!

  • We Provide Quality Education
  • Smaller Classes & Individual attention
  • Friendly & Positive Learning Environment
  • Character Build-up & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Arrangment of Summer Camps & Special Events